Code-based skill profiles

Below you'll find an example profile that was generated for this GitHub user. You can find an interactive version of the profile here.

So how does it work?

Knowledgemarker primarily uses a technology called Git to analyze the actual code you write. This enables us to generate an analysis of your actual skills and experiences by building a knowledge graph of all the languages, libraries, packages, methods... you utilize, and thereby provide you with a verified skills analysis.

What about user reported skills?

You will probably no longer have access to all the code you've written in your career. To save you from needing to tell us about skills that are not present in your integrated code, we automatically identify these user reported skills from additional sources including your personal website and your LinkedIn profile.

What the people say

“It's pretty epic to see my skills detected from my code. Even stuff I forgot about. I'm keen to see this develop into a full fledged replacement for CVs and decrease the need for skill assessments in the recruitment process”
Michaël Krens