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Knowledgemarker is a next generation code-focused
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Designed for people who code.

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Auto-code-based skill profiles.

We use a technology called Git to analyze the actual code you contribute to projects.

Saves you from completing 100s of assessments and profiles.

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Code Analysis

Enter your GitHub username to see your skills below. We've analysed most GitHub profiles out there [currently supporting Python, Java & JS].

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What's coming next?

We're working hard to release some more features! See what's coming next below:

Coding languages

Our engine currently supports Python and JavaScript (including all associated libraries). Up next is Java, C+, PhP, and SQL.

Company search

We've identified the need for an advanced search for finding very specific kinds of companies and jobs around the world.

Open source

It will take some time but we're launching recruitment for the open source space. The aim is to empower you to find opportunities to get started and make valuable impact to open source companies.

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